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A Solid Colored Bathroom

November 21 2022 – Radon India Admin


You know it’s the right decision when you decide to recreate your bathroom and you’re tensionless because you have trusted the very reliable RADON for putting everything together for you! All you have to do is to dive deep into your thoughts and imagine the best ever bathroom concept with the color of your choice and ideal finish. RADON has a wide range of products ranging from closets and cabinets to basins, from vanities to mirrors, from faucets to bath sets and showers at your disposal. It is time put these together and create a masterpiece in whatever space you have dedicated for the most important part of your house; your bathroom!


While different shades of blue and brown give a classy touch to your bathrooms, colors like black, beige and white will never go out of fashion and come with a touch of sophistication. We at RADON ensure that there is a touch of your character, simplicity and authenticity into the spaces we decorate for you. All products have a fine finish and each range is further divided into Luxury, Premium and Budget Series in order to cater a larger audience. Basin faucets, showers and hand-held showers come with prominent titanium finish and the vanity, cabinets, basins and even mirrors are designed in a way to complement the sanitary ware! While white was the most prominent color until a long time, our products come in a large variety of colors and fine finish. So what are you waiting for, connect with our experts at RADON and get the bathroom of your dreams.