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Modern Moroccan Trails - Inspired Bathroom Design by Radon

November 21 2022 – Radon India Admin

Looking for bathroom design ideas and inspiration? Of course, you are, that's why you're here!
Whether you're making small upgrades, choosing a complete overhaul, or just daydreaming from your desk, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference in the feeling of your residence (as well as your skin-care routine). *wink wink*
Just because we need to put our travel plans on a pause doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t daydream and get inspired by beautiful destinations, or better yet, bring an essence of them to our homes!

“Moroccan Trails”, a modern bathroom concept by Radon, can transmute your bathroom into an exotic and lavish Moroccan retreat.

Each corner with inspiring suggestions for your restoration-- consisting of sanitary ware, extravagant vanity, as well as streamlined showers.

What is Moroccan Style?

The Moroccan Style is influenced by Middle Eastern culture as well as several other countries such as Spain, France, and Portugal. The unique blend of all these influences creates a very distinct and unique style that is appealing to the eyes.
 It comprises little resilient elements,bold motifs and patterns, that offer visual and sensual opulence. Today, the new bathroom concept has adapted the same design prospect. The language of the concept is inspiring and has been indicated through vanity and other design elements.

Our bathroom design is meticulously crafted, not only for functionality but for inspiration. Each corner of the space is eye-catching. In addition, the concept stands out without making any effort, the perfect amalgamation of Moroccan and Modern style speaks for itself.

What can I expect from the Modern Bathroom Concept?

The modern bathroom design is simply defined by its look. Straight, clean lines, uncluttered counter spaces and geometric shapes dominate the landscape. If you are planning to design a new bathroom concept, then keep reading. Further, we will discover every element that contributes to bringing out the best in a modern bathroom.

It is natural to be curious. So we’ve compiled for you a list of things you can expect in the luxurious bathroom concept:

  • Bathroom vanity with sufficient storage and defining style.
  • Classic average sized rectangular mirror with white edges.
  • Countertop washbasin.
  • Shower Head.
  • Faucets, thermostatic diverter, and spouts.
  • Sanitaryware.
  • Body jets in reflective design.
  • Unique, patterned tiles.

What kind of vanity has been used in the concept?

Bloomberg Bathroom Vanity

Bloomberg, one of the finest bathroom vanities by Radon, is added to the concept. It is an extension of luxury. Present in a white-blue neutral shade brings the modern touch of Moroccan style in the space. Floor mounted vanity comprises five components. It includes:

  1. Main cabinet- The main cabinet is made up of polyvinyl chloride. PVC as a material is very durable and withstands water. Besides, the cabinet is a wall mounted vanity that adds more space and less clutter. Enough room to store the sanitary elements and products.
  2. Mirror- The classic and minimalistic rectangular mirror enhances the entire cabinet. Offering more visibility to look and cover the entire face profile of the user. PVC as a material gives more durability.
  3. Basin- The pure white countertop basin is made up of ceramic. Moreover, The depth of the sink allows the water to flow smoothly towards the drain without any hassles.
  4. Marble Top- Marble as a material has triple characteristics. It offers durability, aesthetics and strength.It is heat resistant as well, so go ahead, stack it up with all your favorite hair styling tools. Styling your hair in the bathroom couldn't have gotten any easier! 
  5. Side cabinet- A side cabinet is provided, right next to the mirror. It allows more accessibility to the user. You can use them to store your daily necessities and sanitary elements. The side cabinet is made up of PVC, which adds more durability. In addition, it is very easy to clean and does not leave any spots or stains. 

Which is the best sanitaryware in the bathroom?

Stonex One Piece Water Closet Toilet Seat

  • Stonex One Piece Closet is an S-trap sanitaryware. It has glazing that prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs. The sanitaryware perfectly blends with the modern bathroom concept.
  •  Additionally, it offers easy removal of hard water deposits. The S-trap ensures that it does not collect dirt or leave any out odor. Furthermore, it prevents dirt from sticking inside the trap making the bathroom remain clean and odor-free.
  • The surface of the seat cover is extremely strong and resistant to stains and spots.

How do Taps and Faucets contribute to the concept?

Rose Gold Color Taps and Faucets Mixer

New bathroom Single Lever Faucets enhance the entire look of your bathroom. They add aesthetics and functionality to your space. Aric Single Lever Mixer is a premium rose-gold colored brass faucet.

Rainshower is a 12 x 12" rose gold colored brass rainshower. It can withstands extremely hot temperatures. Additionally, it has easy to clean nozzles and offers a unique reflective surface.

Thermostatic Diverter Rose Gold is multi function, easy to use diverter. It ensures maximum showering enjoyment. The thermostatic diverter maintains an exact water temperature, and it also regulates the duration of your shower. Furthermore, you can re-adjust the water temperatures to your liking.

Grande Plain Spout with Flange is a rose gold colored spout present in the bathing area. Brass as a material offers durability and can withstand temperature changes and water pressure. Fixed at the appropriate height, allows children and adults to access water.

Concealed Body-Jet Water Tile always adds one unique hunch in the bathing space. A convenient way to wash up your entire body. A total of six concealed body-jets are present in the bathing area and can withstand high water pressure.

It saves enough time as compared to traditional bathing. The jet is made up of brass and comes in stunning rose gold color. Easy to install and offers durability.

What kind of tiles are used in the bathroom?

  • A bathroom without tiles is just like a body without skin. Thus, the tiles play a very important role. The tiles act as a top waterproofing layer and anti-skid surface. Apart from the functionality, the tiles add aesthetics to the bathroom.
  • The tiles behind the sanitaryware are Silica Taupe HL, and the tiles are 2'x 4' ft size. Additionally, there are two niches in the wall above the sanitaryware. It allows the user to store/place their daily necessities and sanitary soaps.
  • You can observe that the tiles are placed in the center of the bathroom concepts. This is deliberately done so that the pattern visually divides the bathroom into two parts. One section has a dedicated bathing area, and the other has a cabinet vanity for utility.
  • The tiles behind the vanity and bathing area are the same Silica Taupe but with plain aesthetics. The size of one single tile is 2' x 4' ft. The rose gold border around the tiles indicate uniform linings.

The classic or traditional style of the bathroom can mean different things to different people, and therefore, modern simplicity and minimalistic clean look is something everyone favors.
A touch of Moroccan style adds more exoticness and richness to the bathroom concept.

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.’  - Brian Reed

Thus, the Moroccan bathroom concept by Radon is the perfect epitome of modernity. Every element is chosen very precisely to offer functionality and aesthetics. A glamorous simplicity and modern décor staples, all in a single bathroom concept. You just can’t overlook it!